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Enjoy Extensive Customization & Control Options for New Motorized Shades

It’s not a passing fad – smart homes are here to stay. According to a Coldwell Banker survey, Americans spend an estimated $1.5 billion on smart home technologies, and more and more homeowners in Houston decide to incorporate smart devices into their homes every day.

There are incredibly innovative lighting, security, and entertainment devices available to make your home life more comfortable and convenient. One smart solution that homeowners may overlook, though, is motorized shades. This seemingly innocuous technology can completely change the look and feel of your home. Keep reading below to learn the benefits of automated window treatments and how easily you can integrate them into your Texas property.

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The Experience

If you have a larger home with several windows, then you’re aware of how much time it can take to walk throughout the house to open them. Manual blinds, drapes, and shades in your home need opening in the mornings to let natural sunlight in, closing in the evenings to provide privacy, and adjustments throughout the day to maximize organic lighting and privacy needs. What if, instead, you could simply tap your finger on a smart remote or touchscreen to adjust the windows in your home? It’s possible with motorized shades.

Programming smart scenes takes this incredible convenience a step further. Instead of adjusting window treatments by room or individually, you can schedule them to operate at specific times of the day. If you typically leave the house at a particular time of day, you can designate an “Away” scene that will lower blinds to prevent peering eyes throughout the day.

Complements Your Décor

Besides incredible convenience, motorized shades offer a stunning layer of luxury to your living spaces. With a variety of style options – rolling shades, Venetian blinds, drapes and more – in a wide selection of fabrics, you are sure to find a combination that will not only suit your needs (covering the windows) but will also complement your interior design motif.

Our team will help you find the perfect window treatments, then pair them with customized keypads in unique finishes. Motorized shades and the accompanying controls will genuinely make living in your home a one-of-a-kind experience.

Simple Control

There’s nothing quite like having the control of all of your window treatments in the palm of your hands. But you can go a step further into full home automation. Imagine tapping a button on your smartphone or a custom-etched wall keypad, then having your entire Houston-area home respond in a few seconds. It’s possible with a Savant or Crestron home automation system.

Two of our favorite brands, Savant and Crestron, offer customizable smart home control systems that incorporate all of your smart devices and technologies into one easy-to-use interface. Our skillful technicians will assess your home to determine the best interface and devices for it, then customize a system that can control nearly every device in it. Adjusting your home to suit your needs throughout the day is just a tap away!

If you’re ready to explore motorized shades and their benefits, contact us using this form or call us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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