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Discover Well-Being and Security with Crestron Automation

A great room with filtered sunlight managed by Crestron Home.

Let Your Smart Home Create a Personalized Oasis

As smart home technology enters the mainstream, more homeowners than ever are managing their lights, motorized shades, climate, and security from smartphone apps. While this technology offers a certain level of convenience, it’s a far cry from a Crestron automation system that lets you manage your entire smart home in Houston, TX, from one intuitive platform. 

This level of automation lets you discover your home’s true potential, a space where lighting takes on another dimension, and AV solutions offer unsurpassed home entertainment, all managed from a smartphone, keypad, or touchscreen.

Are you ready to enhance your home environment in once unimaginable ways? Let’s explore the possibilities.

Transforming Homes: How Savant Dealers are Elevating Smart Living


Elevate your home with expert-installed smart home systems from Savant

In the vibrant city of Houston, smart home automation has been implemented throughout many homes over the past ten years. With the rise of this technology, Texans are enjoying unprecedented levels of convenience, comfort, and security in their living spaces. 

Savant dealers like our team at Titan Technologies lead this transformation—with experts who are revolutionizing Houston homes by integrating sophisticated automation systems tailored to each homeowner's unique needs. 

Enjoy Stunning Images and Sound Throughout Your Property

A family in a living room using the Savant Pro remote to select audio on the TV.

Experience the Best Home Entertainment with a Professional AV Installation

Today, home entertainment has taken on a whole new meaning. A good sound system has morphed into whole-home high-fidelity audio, and 4K high-definition TVs have given way to video walls. Unless you’re in the industry, keeping up with the ever-expanding audio-video technologies is nearly impossible. 

And that’s where Titan Technology comes in. As an audiovisual consultant and a professional AV installation provider, we stay abreast of the many advancements. We’ll explore the vast possibilities and then custom design your home entertainment system to align with your lifestyle, immersing your property in stunning images and sound.

Here, we’ll explore two of our partners, Savant and Creston, leaders in the home automation industry and pioneers in audio-video development. 

5 Key Factors When Choosing Savant or Crestron for Smart Home Automation


These Premium Technology Options Offer Many Helpful Features 

Choosing a smart home automation platform for your home or build is a critical decision. Your chosen technology will impact integration opportunities, scalability, security, and efficiency. You’ll also want to select a system that a local resource can support. 

Savant and Crestron tend to rise above the rest when comparing home automation solutions. As far as the differences between them, it’s like comparing a BMW to a Mercedes—both are premium, high-end systems that meet the needs of the modern homeowner. These brands share many similarities in quality and performance but differ slightly in features. The smart home experts at Titan Technology can help you compare and evaluate to determine a good fit for your home or your new build.

Continue reading to learn more about the helpful features available to Houston, TX, homeowners when they choose one of these premium home automation solutions.