Update Your Construction Projects with Crestron Shading Solutions


Discover the functionality, beauty, and privacy offered by Crestron’s motorized shades 

Window treatments are often an underrated feature of a home. Even though they serve a purpose, they’re largely forgotten once installed. In fact, most builders think of it as a last-minute addition that simply blends into the background. But with motorized shading systems, luxury homeowners enjoy high-quality window treatments that offer functionality, aesthetics, and comfort. 

While many brands offer these features, Crestron shading solutions remain a popular and premier choice. As a builder, it is important that you deliver what the customers ask for. And what could be a better option than finishing off your construction project by adding Crestron motorized shades? 

Read on to discover why Crestron is the number one shading brand for your construction projects in Houston, TX. 

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Get an Edge Over Your Competitors with Savant Home Automation


Make homeowners fall in love with your projects by integrating Savant’s technology 

As a builder, you already know how competitive the real estate market can get in Houston, TX. Even the top builders face competition because of the market diversity. But if you’re working on luxury homes, there is a way to get an edge over others. How? With Savant home automation, of course!

Savant is amongst the top home automation brands and is known for elevating the value of a home. It provides luxury homeowners with a one-stop shop for all their technology needs. 

Read on to learn about the exciting features of Savant systems and how they can benefit your construction project in Houston, TX.

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Don't Ignore These Key Features in Home Theater Installation


Impress Homebuyers with a Setup to Support the Latest AV Technology and Controls

Including a home theater installation in a custom build in Houston, TX is a great way to capture the attention of homebuyers in a crowded market. But, when it comes to home theaters - buyers will be looking for setups that support the most advanced AV and controls available. 

Turn to the experts in all-things home theater and partner with Titan Technology for your next custom installation project. We'll help you ensure satisfaction with homebuyers by providing everything they need for a fantastic home theater experience.

Continue reading for an overview of homebuyers' critical features in a state-of-the-art home theater space.

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Are You Considering Smart Home Installation?


How Crestron and Savant Can Add Value to Your Design/Build Project

If you’re a builder or architect planning a new home construction project, then you’re likely aware of the increased demand for smart home systems. More and more homeowners are excited about the prospect of having smart technologies in their homes, such as lighting control, whole-home audio, motorized shades, and more.

That’s why integrating smart home installation with your home projects is not only good for your clients but for your bottom line. But which smart home system do you choose? The professional integrators at Titan Technology in Houston, TX can help you decide, and we can do all the installation work for you. Read on to discover the benefits of two smart home systems: Savant and Crestron. 

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