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Put Health and Wellness First With Residential Lighting Control

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Highlight the Benefits of Circadian Lighting With Homebuyers 

Wellness topics are top-of-mind these days, and residential lighting control systems are an easy way to provide health benefits for prospective buyers. In addition, builders and architects can leverage programmable aspects of smart lighting controls to include unique wellness-inspired features such as circadian lighting into new home designs.

Homebuyers will be intrigued to learn how lighting can impact their daily energy levels, moods, and motivation. Please continue reading to learn more about the benefits of circadian lighting and how to integrate it into residential lighting control projects in Houston, TX.

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The Circadian Rhythm

Our circadian rhythm is our natural timekeeper, influencing the body's feelings of tiredness, energy, hunger, and more. These rhythms regulate our daily physical, mental, and behavioral changes. Natural sunlight is a critical ingredient in our circadian cycles, which is why we can feel sluggish and tired if we are inside for too long. Sunshine is the perfect way to achieve a natural energy boost, improve mood, and power motivation to complete afternoon work.

Technology can help us achieve natural circadian changes at home using tunable lighting. By programming this color-adjust lighting with lighting control, we can help homeowners adjust to the sun's natural patterns so they can rise and sleep more efficiently to help improve overall wellness. 

How to Integrate with Lighting Controls

Impress homeowners by pre-programming a light schedule into a residential lighting control. Include automated color shifts throughout the day to assist them in gently waking and quickly falling asleep. For example, maintaining a blue-toned light throughout the day will keep them energized while they work, and an orange-toned light will help achieve calm in the evening. Of course, homeowners can adjust the programming as needed to match their daily schedules.

Other Healthy Uses for Lighting Controls

There are many other ways homeowners can gain health benefits from lighting controls. Here are a few ways that lighting controls benefit homeowners' health and wellness.

  • Reduce falls by illuminating outside entryways
  • Lower stress by turning on lights before entering a dark home
  • Help children get the rest they need with timed lights
  • Improve focus with bright lights in office spaces
  • Promote relaxation with dimmers in the evening

Schedule a Consultation

As you work on your next home build or design, consider how you can add health and wellness features, such as residential lighting control, into your plans. Health and wellness are not just short-lived, trendy things, so this is something homebuyers will find valuable for a lifetime of benefits. We would love to meet with you to discuss the available options and how to program them to benefit residents the most.

Please reach out to our team; we would be happy to work with you to provide healthy lighting options for homeowners in Houston, TX.



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