Architects and Builders are Partnering with Smart Home Integrators to Provide Smart Lighting Control


A Growing Number of Home Buyer’s Expect Smart Lighting and Home Automation in Their Builds 

As architects and builders, you understand the effects lighting has on a home. It turns ordinary rooms into extraordinary spaces, sets the mood for entertaining, lights a path in the dark, and supports emotional and physical well-being.

To provide the ultimate in smart lighting control and other home automated solutions for your clients in Houston, TX consider partnering with a smart home integrator. Our certified technicians at Titan Technology have designed, installed, and serviced countless lighting, climate, security, entertainment, and motorized window coverings for building professionals and their clients.

Let’s take a look at what one of these solutions, smart lighting, offers you and your clients – and why professionals in your field turn to Titan Technology for their builds and remodels.

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Laying the Groundwork 

Starting from the ground up enables our team to consult with your client and define what home automation technology and smart lighting control would make their life easier and more luxurious. Many homebuyers don’t know the many details involved in home automation or the growing solutions and technology.

Are there architectural elements they would like highlighted, or do they plan to spend a large portion of their time in the outdoor area and would like to include extensive landscape lighting?

By joining the process in the planning stages, we can work together to avoid profit-reducing tear-outs and retrofits, and ensure the budget includes your client’s wish-list for their new smart home. In addition, partnering in the design phase allows for the greatest control with the least impact on the overall design.

Here are a few of the automated brands we partner with and the lighting solutions they offer.

Crestron Lighting 

A centralized lighting solution means switches and dimming panels are hidden from view, maintaining the integrity of your custom design. In addition, Crestron offers wireless dimmers that enhance lighting control as well as wired solutions. Lighting scenes are activated with elegant keypads or in-wall touchscreens, controlling track lighting, LEDs, incandescent lights, spotlights, sconces, and landscape lighting.

We can program the lights to slowly illuminate as the shades rise at the start of your client's day. Lights turn on when they enter a room at night and turn off minutes after they leave. Circadian rhythm lighting simulates the rise and setting of the sun, improving sleep and energy levels. Crestron achieves this by using sensors that detect the natural ambient lighting and adjust room lighting accordingly.

Savant Lighting 

Savant’s daylight mode utilizes advanced logic to adjust the color temperature and intensity, promoting the dynamic lighting that reflects our body’s natural rhythms. This is accomplished through the home’s GPS and precise geo-coordinates. Our certified technicians will adjust the lighting until the 24-hour circadian cycle is at the exact color temperature and hue that reflects your client’s lifestyle.

With the use of USAI Lighting fixtures, rooms become awash in a warm glow to classic white and any other color on the visible light spectrum. We will discuss entertainment, relaxing, and away scenes to ensure the lighting and other Savant automated solutions are suitable for every activity.

Both automated home solutions provide comprehensive lighting control solutions that can manage an entire estate with just one touch on a keypad, remote, or touchscreen.

Why Partner With Titan Technology? 

As Texas-based technology professionals who partner with the top luxury brands in home automation, we're committed to providing our partners and clients with a transparent process that keeps construction on schedule and running smoothly. We provide only the best-in-class services and strive to exceed your client's expectations every time. To learn more about our services or discuss partnering with our smart home installation team, contact Titan Technology today.

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