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Bring Audiophile Quality Sound to Your Whole Home with These Premier System

The crafting and appreciation of music are found in all human cultures and are believed to be an innate part of our biology. Medical research has revealed that the basic act of listening to a song generates activity in every region of the brain. CAT scans show that stimulation occurs equally in the so-called “reptilian” areas of the brain stem and cerebellum and the high-functioning neocortex.

The deep connection and history that music holds over us deserve sound reproduction that respects the emotional connection. The multiroom audio system you have should allow you to listen in specific rooms or fill the entire home with audiophile-quality sound.

Crestron and Savant are two companies lauded for their superior distribution technologies and interfaces that please music geeks and casual listeners. Are you ready to add an exceptional listening experience to your Houston, TX smart home? Read below to find out how.

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Make Music More Meaningful

Your music has the power to inspire and energize your day, setting the mood and ambiance in the same way you use lighting. Hear every nuance of every instrument, indoors or out, with high-definition sources and speakers calibrated to provide you with audiophile quality no matter where you sit.

Crestron’s Cutting-Edge Audio

Crestron Electronics’ industry-leading products helped create the home automation segment from its founding in 1971. The company continues to produce cutting-edge solutions that bring luxury and convenience to homes just like yours.

From the very beginning, audio distribution and high-fidelity reproduction is an essential element. Crestron saw a need to deliver the media to any location you desire, from the game room and the dining area to the pool cabana and into the yard without compromising quality. The Digital Media product line provides whole-home audio and video streaming over Ethernet, fiber, copper, or wireless.

The enterprise-class components furnish the same stunningly fast-switching, multi-channel audio, and network-based interfaces that Fortune 500 companies use. With the touch of a button or the sound of your voice, you can lower the shades, secure your house, and envelop yourself in stunning sounds.

Savant’s Sound Ear

Savant, the innovative and future-friendly home automation company, has a particular ear for bringing quality audio to its clients. In the same way that the company first introduced mobile technology for control, it offers an array of audio solutions to open up your home’s soundscape.

The traditional method of distributing audio throughout the home involves bundles of analog speaker cables running from the audio rack to each destination. Savant incorporates AVB (Audio Video Bridging) technology - it is the same industry standard used by broadcasters and media production. The signal travels over IP for a clean digital signal with fewer wires and more control.

Stream from popular music platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, QoBuz, Amazon HD, Pandora, and now TIDAL’s high-definition offerings. The Savant Pro app allows you to play multiple streams, playlists, or your curated albums to any or all rooms of your home.

A Better Sounding Home

It is said that a single song can change your day for the better; are you ready to make the most of your listening experience? Call us at (713)300-0685 or fill out our contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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