Why Builders and Designers Are Including Multi-Room Audio Systems

A Control4 wall panel in a living room displaying the song "Shallow" by Lady Gaga

Design and construction professionals are bringing audio installations into their projects

Alt-Text: A Control4 wall panel in a living room displaying the song "Shallow" by Lady Gaga

Architects, interior designers, builders, and other construction professionals know how important user experience is to their clients. But, as you work with your clients to create a floor plan, comprehensive interior design, lighting installation, and more, one thing you might forget to include is audio-video systems that provide immersive entertainment options. Discover why builders and architects partner with audio-video integrators to bring multi-room audio systems to their clients in Houston, TX – keep reading below.

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Architectural Speakers

Many clients don’t want bulky audio equipment to detract from their interior design. Architectural speakers are installed into walls and ceilings for a discreet audio system that still offers optimal performance. They are installed flush with the surfaces and painted or finished in the same color and material. This allows you to install speakers in rooms where you don’t have extraneous, like the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.

Surround Sound

A surround sound system is another factor to consider for your clients. The latest surround format is Dolby Atmos, which adds another dimension to audio experiences by incorporating height speakers and treating sound as an object that can move from channel to channel. The sound seems to emanate from every direction and surround the listener! There are specific requirements regarding the number of speakers and their positions to accurately create this sound experience, and if the ceiling is too high, your integrator will have to consider other options to create the same result. Working with a professional team is ideal for these systems.


Whether installing architectural speakers, floorstanding and bookshelf speakers, or a complete surround sound system, low-voltage wiring is necessary to connect all your audio-video equipment. The easiest and most affordable time to do this is before the drywall is up; otherwise, you will have to tear open walls and then replace them. In addition, every room has unique acoustic properties and challenges that will require the expertise of an audio-video integrator. For example, speakers should be at the listener's ear height in media rooms, home theaters, and listening rooms. They will decide whether in-ceiling and in-wall speakers are a better fit for your project and ensure the right wire gauge for the best possible audio quality.

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