Why Prewiring is Essential To Home Automation Solutions

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Builders and architects should start this process early to impress clients

Builders and architects know that smart technology has become an expectation of many potential clients. So how can you bring this experience into your projects? Construction prewiring will save you time and money in building a smart home infrastructure, bringing faster connectivity and more robust solutions. Discover why it's so important to provide home automation solutions to your Houston, TX clients in our blog below!

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Data Transmission

One of the benefits of having a brand new home is customizing it to your unique needs. Your clients will want the best automation and AV features to add convenience to their lifestyle. When designing the plan for their residence, you must keep in mind that these systems require bandwidth to operate smoothly. A robust, wired network gives your clients access points in strategic locations throughout the thome. This allows them to stream content from Netflix, Spotify, and HBO Max all at once without hogging bandwidth from other sources.


A wired connection is more secure than a wireless connection because it is harder for cybercriminals to access. It also provides a more reliable foundation for your client’s home security system. Wireless security systems offer less data security and can be hacked. Plus, your clients could be put at risk if there is a lapse in network connection when they least expect it. Power over Ethernet (PoE) cabling will connect to your client’s surveillance cameras and transmit the footage over the network. Your clients can access live and previously recorded video footage no matter where they are in the world.

Home Entertainment

While wireless streaming solutions are becoming more powerful than ever, they still can’t compete with the ultra-high-definition processing capabilities of a wired connection. Hard-wiring AV components into the network will lead to faster and more reliable streaming. Your clients can listen to music in every room of their home with a whole home audio system that incorporates discreet in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. When you install these speakers and the wiring early in the design process, your clients won’t have to open up their drywall later, saving them both time and money. Wiring is even more important for outdoor entertainment systems. Indoor access points won’t have enough coverage for a sufficient signal outside. A wired connection will allow high-definition streaming by the pool, on the porch, and near the patio!

Titan Technology is the premier home automation professional you can trust with your clients’ projects in Houston and beyond. Connect with us here to start a conversation about your upcoming smart home project, or chat with us at the bottom right of your screen. We’d love to work with you!

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