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Let Titan Technologies Take Your Property to the Next Level with Smart Home Automation

Spring is here, and with the season change comes a mentality of renewal. As flowers bloom outdoors and you embark on spring cleaning projects, it’s also time to take a look at making your home life in the Houston area a bit easier. It’s been a tough year, and you deserve the best!

As a Savant dealer, Titan Technologies has an expert team of professionals that can completely change the way you live in Texas. Automated shading, smart lighting, and multi-room audio are all a tap of your finger away in practically every room of the house. Scroll below to learn how a Savant home control system can change your home!

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Home Lighting Control

Home lighting can affect your moods and change the way your home looks and feels both indoors and outside. Exterior landscape lighting ensures your home is well-lit once the sun goes down to deter potential thieves. Program lighting to sync with an astronomical timer so that once the sun begins to set, your entire home will be swathed in lighting that highlights beautiful architectural details.

Indoors, tunable LED lighting can automatically shift throughout the day to support your activities. In the mornings, bright, cool white light will ease you into the day ahead; as the day draws on, lighting will dim into warmer, amber hues to help you wind down for the evening. This human-centric lighting can shift automatically with a timer or change according to a smart scene. With a Savant whole-home control system, the “Relax” scene will dim lighting throughout the room and also cue up your favorite streaming music station and lower the motorized shades for privacy, so you can truly relax.

Outdoor Audio

You can take your favorite whole-home music capabilities to your outdoor spaces with Savant. From practically any smart device, you can manage how friends and family have fun by the pool, while lounging by the fire pit or playing games. Our technicians can prepare an outdoor audio and video system that separates your entertainment by zone. Your outdoor music zone can play one audio source while your partner plays something else entirely in the kitchen. A simple tap of your finger can then make every audio zone play the same music – perfect for your next get-together.

Smart home automation from Savant brings all of your devices under the control of one easy-to-use system. Connect with us today using our online form for a home consultation – we look forward to working with you.

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