Customize Every Home Theater Installation by Working with the Professionals


The Right Solutions Offer the Ultimate Entertainment for Your Clients

It became obvious this past year that high-quality home entertainment is a top priority for most homeowners – it can make staying inside feel like a special event while also creating a great atmosphere for hosting guests. And if homeowners really want to step up their media presentation, then home theater installation is a must.

So, how can you help bring a proper installation to your Houston, TX, clients when a home cinema goes beyond a standard AV setup? Our team at Titan Technology helps builders and architects merge their custom builds with high-end audio-video systems and solutions for an end result that stuns their clients every time.

Read on below to see why working with our team of experts is the best way to bring a well-designed, properly installed, and truly customized home theater to your clientele.

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What a Professional Home Theater Installation Entails

A lot goes into creating the perfect entertainment space. When your client kicks back after a long day of work to catch up on their favorite show or to host a movie night for friends, they need a space that caters to their every need.

First, high-fidelity audiovisuals are key. When homeowners sit in their home theater, they want it to rival, and even surpass, the town cinema down the street. 4K UHD resolution displays, whether via a flatscreen or projector, will completely immerse the viewer with a vivid and life-like image. Accompanying these stunning visuals is surround sound that envelops the audience with crystal-clear audio. Sound that moves behind, above, and all around the viewer transforms a standard viewing into something memorable.

Seating is also crucial to the overall theater installation. The seating fabric and setup have a significant impact on how comfy the atmosphere is, as well as on sound performance. Additional acoustic treatments might be necessary to eliminate echoing and more – resulting in the ultimate entertainment space for your clients.

How Titan Technology Can Help

So how can you incorporate these special features into a custom build for your clients? At Titan Technology, we take every aspect of your design-build project into consideration and accommodate every need. No matter the room sizing or layout, we ensure the AV technologies and solutions integrate seamlessly with your side of the installation. When you let our team handle the technical components, you have zero to worry about!

We know the most trusted audio-video brands in the industry and which are the best choices for your client’s specific setup. We’ll handle all the wiring and cabling, ensuring that everything runs smoothly from the get-go and after the final solution is put into place. The home theater your client has always envisioned will be a reality, guaranteed.

Want to find out more about bringing dream customized home theater installations to your clients? Go the professional route by working with Titan Technology. Give our team a call or send us a message via the LiveChat box at the bottom of your browser. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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