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Why Your Next Design-Build Project Needs AV Installation

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Create an entertaining space for homeowners by adding distributed audio-video solutions to your services

Watching movies and TV shows as well as listening to music are some of the most popular pastimes for homeowners. You’ll rarely find any luxury home that doesn’t have audio-video solutions. And now, they are fully integrated - not simply standalone systems. As a home designer or builder, if you want to offer valuable services, it’s essential to create a space that appeals to clients.

Instead of forgoing AV in your design, take the entertainment to the next level and opt for distributed audio-video. It adds more functionality and convenience to your home project. And with Savant integration, you can easily transform any space into an entertainment oasis.

Read on to find out how AV installation can benefit your home project in Houston, TX.

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An AV System in Every Room

Generally, you would add an AV system in the living area or in a home theater, but with distributed audio-video, these solutions can become a part of any room. In-ceiling and in-wall speakers, along with subwoofers in a room, make music-listening a pleasant and palpable experience. Add 4K UHD TVs in the bedrooms and even the bathrooms, so you never have to miss a scene when you’re walking around the house. 

In addition, Savant audio-visual solutions make the experience even more enjoyable and manageable. Savant offers access to multiple streaming platforms for both audio and video, allowing homeowners to expand their music and movie libraries. Plus, they can seamlessly connect all audio and video sources for a beautifully integrated system that is so easy to control. 

One-Touch Control Throughout the House

Luxury homes are all about automation. Since most home technologies - lighting, motorized shades, home security, and smart appliances - are all connected to a smart home system, the AV system is no exception. Savant allows homeowners to control the distributed audio-video system from anywhere in the house, even when they are outside. The centralized control allows them to adjust the AV features with a single icon or button press on a tablet, smartphone app, or remote. 

Increased Appeal & Value

Sell your service by upgrading your offering. The truth is that homeowners are willing to pay for technology. Most luxury homeowners aren’t looking for a space where they need to do work but instead want pre-installed home technologies when they move in. A distributed audio-video system is undoubtedly a luxury addition that audiophiles and movie lovers would happily spend extra on. Why not take advantage of this upsell opportunity for yourself? 


Let Titan Technology be your partner with smart technology and AV integration. We are certified dealers of Savant and excel at providing home entertainment solutions for residential spaces. Get in touch today by calling (713) 300-0685 or filling out an easy online contact form

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