Add Value to Your Home Project with a Distributed Audio System

a woman sitting on a couch playing music via a whole-home audio system with a Crestron control system

Impress potential clients by adding whole-home audio to your next construction project

Whole-home audio has become an essential smart technology system in luxury homes across the country. Who wouldn’t find it appealing to stream music to every corner of the house, including the outdoor area? It’s one of the best ways to elevate home entertainment with a new build or renovation project. Homeowners can play the same songs in every room or different songs in separate zones. Moreover, a distributed audio system offers one-touch control through a smart home system.

Since homeowners are demanding the integration of music systems in their luxury spaces, builders and architects have started designing homes that include audio systems in the initial stages of construction.

If you’re still not convinced, read on to learn how adding a whole-home sound system can benefit your residential project in Houston, TX.

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Increased Resale Value of Your Property 

Like home theaters and pools, whole-home audio does wonders to make a home more appealing. Today, it has become an essential home entertainment solution included in new construction projects. Also, builders who add distributed sound systems to their projects can distinguish themselves from competitors. But that’s not all. Homes with whole-home audio systems attain a higher resale value, thus increasing the profit margins considerably. 

Simplified Control for Homeowners

As a builder, you want to design and build homes that provide clients with a life of ease and luxury. However, simply installing a distributed music system isn’t enough. You also need to add a control system that makes using the home entertainment feature hassle-free. Home automation systems like Crestron and Savant offer easy-to-use control systems for distributed audio, even for outdoor spaces.

Creating zones, playlists for indoor or outdoor parties, and streaming music flawlessly throughout the home becomes much easier with a home automation system. The best part is that home control can be accessed via any mobile device, even a smartphone, letting homeowners control the music system with a single tap of their fingers.

A Cost-Effective and Time-Saving Solution

When you integrate the audio system during construction, the wiring can be installed easily. If you wait until the end of the project, the integrators will have to cut through walls and even ceilings. It’s so much easier and cleaner to do it all before the walls go up. 

A professional AV installer like Titan Technology can pre-wire the entire home to prep it for the whole-home audio system. As a result, all the wiring will be hidden behind walls so that your home’s interior stays in top condition. The best part is that early installation is much quicker, so you don’t struggle to meet deadlines. Plus, it is much more cost-effective as there isn’t any need for additional work, such as tearing out walls and repatching them afterward.


Would you like to integrate a distributed audio system into your residential project in Houston, TX? Get in touch with Titan Technology today to get started. We provide the best home entertainment solutions in the greater area. Call (713) 300-0685 or fill out an easy online contact form to get more details. 

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